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Condition Grading
Throughout the site all models are given a condition grading. The first letter applies to the model and the second to the box or packaging.
  • A+ = Mint
  • As new Condition
  • A = Excellent
  • Only the slightest faults
  • B = Very Good
  • Some signs of wear
  • C = Good
  • With obvious wear
  • D = Fair
  • Possibly parts missing
  • E = Poor
  • Restoration project only
  • NB = Loose
  • No box or packaging

    With wanted listings you simply browse the ToyMart price guide, select any items that you would like to add to your collection and then wait to be contacted. If a matching item is added to the ToyMart store or any "Showcase" you will automatically be advised. You can adjust your contact setting to allow other users or "friends" to contact you directly.
You have complete control so your contact details are shown to nobody unless you elect to do so. You can change your contact settings here.

  • You will receive emails advising you of matching items the minute they are listed on the ToyMart Store or in any users showcase.
  • Get that hard to find model before it is listed for sale elsewhere.
  • Buy direct from other collectors.
  • Show your wanted list to friends and family.
  • Invite your favourite dealers to view your list.
  • Wanted listings are FREE!

How do I Create a Wanted Listing?

To create a wanted listing just browse or search the ToyMart Price Guide until you find an item you would like to add to your collection. Click the "Find me one of these" button and then follow the on page instructions.

On any Price Guide page just "click"
Find Me One of These!
to create a FREE wanted listing.
Latest Price Guide Changes
Corgi Classics , CS90238
Guide Price £11.64
Diapet , B30
Guide Price £46.04
Scalextric , C1372
Guide Price £99.44
Dinky , 715
Guide Price £48.55
Lego , 76011
Guide Price £41.00
Corgi , 1141
Guide Price £325.93
Solido , 222
Guide Price £32.40
Corgi Classics , CC7002
Guide Price £135.03
Dinky , 178
Guide Price £148.29
Anson , 30383
Guide Price £40.46
Latest Shop listings
JNF , 83
Sale Price £145.00
Dinky France , 500
Sale Price £99.00
Dinky France , 500
Sale Price £89.00
Corgi , 458
Sale Price £35.00
Corgi , 436
Sale Price £89.00
Corgi , 229
Sale Price £49.00
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